Acquisitions and value determinations

Acquiring or divesting a business is an important decision in the life of an entrepreneur and a company. It is also often the most important individual event in the company’s lifecycle. A successful acquisition or divestment requires that all the phases in the process are handled with skill and care, observing every single detail.

Implementing an acquisition or a divestment is a complex situation, which requires the simultaneous handling of a number of operations, including:

  • The analyses and value determination of the target of acquisition/divestment
  • The optimisation of company structures and business arrangements
  • Finding and analyzing potential sellers or buyers, finding contacts and feeling the ground
  • Due Diligence
  • Financing arrangements
  • Trade negotiations and the preparation of documents
  • Tax optimisation
A successful acquisition or divestment is the sum of many parts, all of which must be done with solid, tried and tested expertise. We can provide you with such experience to complete the big picture.

Our experts are always happy to help you with all these and other questions that are related to acquisitions and divestments

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