Applications for advance rulings

Advance rulings are a useful way to ascertain the standpoint of the tax authorities on a specific action or measure before going ahead with it. This can help avoid inconvenient differences in interpretation with the tax authorities later. If the interest involved is of considerable importance for the taxpayer, and the arrangement in question involves questions that are subject to interpretation, applying for a preliminary ruling can even be imperative.

Advance rulings can be applied for on many types of tax, such as:

  • Income Tax
  • Value Added Tax
  • Inheritance and Gift Tax
  • Transfer Tax
  • Property Tax
  • Preliminary tax holding and employer’s social contributions
Advance rulings of the Tax Administration are subject to a fee. If the commercial interest involved is considerable or of a more principal nature, the Finnish Central Tax Board may also give an advance ruling. This decision, too, is subject to a fee. In the advance ruling, the tax recipient indicates does it reserve the right to apply for amendments in taxation carried out in line with the ruling. This indicates whether the taxpayer can or cannot rely on the permanence of taxation carried out in accordance with the ruling.

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