Shareholders’ agreements

Shareholders’ agreements are used to establish common game rules when there is more than one shareholder in a limited company. Shareholders’ agreements can be used to agree about issues concerning the relationship between the shareholders and between the shareholders and the company in which they have a holding in matters where the Articles of Association or other constitutional documents do not provide sufficient regulations.

Some examples of issues that can be resolved with shareholders’ agreements include:

  • Guidelines on procedure in case shareholders cannot reach a decision about a resolution
  • The shareholders’ respective work input and wages or salaries
  • How corporate administration is organised
  • The distribution of profit and other financial rights and duties of the shareholders
  • Matters concerning the disposal of shares
Shareholders can also note down their objectives for business operations in the shareholders’ agreement, which helps to clarify the shareholders’ future activities. Of course, the agreement cannot guarantee that problems will not occur, but with such an agreement in force, possible problems are easier to resolve when guidelines have been agreed upon together in advance.

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