VAT in domestic, foreign and EU trade

Virtually all goods and services are liable to Value Added Tax (VAT). VAT is charged from the end users. It is not a business expense. Therefore it is important to know how VAT affects sales prices and how it is processed.

VAT is an intricate system and companies may need advice on many aspects of it including:

  • Reversed charges
  • Observing operations with reduced VAT liability
  • Invoicing information in EU trade
  • Tax deduction rights and limitations thereof
  • Taxation of own use in building operations, etc.
All businesses must be aware of the right VAT procedures; it is extremely important for the running of daily business operations. We can advise and help you on questions that are relevant for your business in terms of VAT: deduction rights, VAT accrued, and ensuring that your procedures are up to date.

Our experts are happy to help you with these and other Value Added Tax related questions

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