Compiling tax reports

It often makes sense to get professional advice for the tax issues. Our tax consultation for private individuals includes the following services:

  • Checking of and amending pre-completed tax forms
  • The inspection of completed taxation, also for previous tax years
  • Responding to the requests for information from the tax authorities
  • Writing demands for tax adjustments and lodging tax appeals
  • Representing the taxpayer as a chargé d’affaires
  • Tax planning:
    • Donating assets, bequeathing and leaving assets as inheritance
    • Investing (the organisation of investments, using finance leverage, etc.)
    • The acquisition and divestment of assets
Wage earners and pensioners might also find our services useful when they wish to ascertain that their taxation has been carried out professionally.

Our experts are ready to help you with these and other tax related questions that private individuals may have.

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