Other services

Fiscales provides consulting services for management that help solving even complex issues. For example, in corporate reorganizations we can act as a liquidator or an expert in finance.

Management consultancy services

Goals of companies and their operating environments vary enormously depending on the size and the industry of the companies. Rapidly changing circumstances and understanding the financial situation poses challenges for company management, from strategy development to day-to-day operations. Often, the company itself doesn’t have the resources to handle the current situation or a large amount of information in order to be clear enough about what kind of repairments or strategy the company needs. The management may have noticed that the financial situation is bad, the administration is not working as expected, or the company is stagnating year after year. In this state of uncertainty, it’s difficult to make rational and factual decisions about the necessary remedial measures. Relying on an external advisor is a good option when your organization needs a reliable and knowledgeable partner in decision-making.

Our goal is to support the management of a company e.g. in developing a strategy, boosting operations, understanding deeply the financial environment and digitalizing reporting. We help the company to create a growth strategy, understand better internal reporting, manage risks and create the best possible organization. The size or age of the company is not a determining factor, as the management of the company may need advisory services even if the company has been in the industry for decades. The need to develop and improve an organization will never end. Fiscales Oy's extensive expertise in taxation, financial management and auditing ensures that our management consultancy services provide expert and versatile support to corporate management in all situations.

Corporate reorganization

Corporate reorganization is a court-approved measure aimed at restoring the activities of an over-indebted or insolvent company. A debtor in financial difficulty applies to the court for reorganization proceedings alone or together with at least two creditors. The purpose of a corporate reorganization is to enable the company to continue its operations after the reorganization by reducing its debts and improving its liquidity during the reorganization program. We act as a court-appointed corporate reorganization liquidator who prepares both a reorganization program and a statement of the debtor's financial position and monitors and controls the debtor's activities during the reorganization proceedings. We determine the debtor's assets, liabilities and commitments and make a proposal for a reorganization program. If necessary, we will audit the business of the renovation target.

We also make auditor's statements related to the application for reorganization - Auditing and other certification services