Payroll administration

Payroll calculation and whole payroll administration is one of the most important financial administration functions of a company. Purchasing payroll administration services is recommended, as it enables the company to save on its own human resources and at the same time provides assurance that even the most challenging payroll situations are handled with quality. We help companies with their payroll administration to the extent wanted.

We provide payroll calculations and other payroll administration services based on the needs of your business

Payroll administration is an extensive area that requires specialized expertise. The provision of payroll administration services is governed by several laws and regulations as well as collective agreements of different sectors. In addition to payroll calculations, our payroll administration services include salary payment and e.g. annual leave calculations and travel expense administration. For example, proper travel expense administration is an important part of ensuring smooth running of your business. An employee can receive the pay slip from us as they wish, either by post or electronically. In connection to our payroll administration services, we also prepare pay statements and applications to the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela) and, if necessary, arrange for the required retentions for enforcement.

Employers' reporting obligations have increased in recent years. Our experts closely monitor changing employer obligations and ensure that our clients comply with applicable regulations at all times. We take care of the payroll reporting obligations to the tax administration and other official declarations. We are also able to assist in the interpretation of collective agreements. We have extensive expertise in various industries and are able to support even in challenging situations. Due to our comprehensive services, it’s up to the customer to provide only payroll information if they so wish.

Our experts provide personalized service

We appoint our client its own payroll expert and a deputy among our experts. It’s always easy to turn to your own person in charge of the matter. The expertise of our experts is central to payroll, although we also utilize advanced software. Our experts always ensure the correctness of the calculations and, in addition, resolve the difficult interpretations in the calculations.

We handle tasks related to your payroll administration professionally and effectively. You can outsource to us your whole payroll administration or just a part of it. With the help of our professional payroll experts you can be sure that your payroll matters are in good hands.

Because of the other financial and tax services we provide, we are also able to assist you with issues that go beyond payroll administration if necessary. Our customers are very satisfied with the comprehensive services we provide, which also enables us to create added value for our customers.

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Please note, that the minimum fee for the first engagement by a new client is EUR 1000,00 (incl. General overhead expense).

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