Foreign employer’s representative in Finland

Foreign companies with posted workers in Finland must have a representative whom the posted workers and the authorities can contact during the posting.

A foreign company has an obligation to have a representative in Finland if the foreign company has business in Finland and uses its own personnel here. It can also be a situation of an internal transfer or posting a temporary agency worker to Finland. An internal transfer means that the employee will come to Finland to work at the location of another company within the same group of companies.

A representative must be appointed in above-described situations provided that the duration of work in Finland is more than ten days. If the company has several posting periods in Finland, all other periods in the four months preceding the end of the posting are taken into account when calculating the duration of the posting of workers.

It can be agreed with the representative, that the representative will help the foreign company to fulfil its obligations under Finnish law. In most cases, a foreign company must for example notify the occupational health and safety authority before the work is commenced in Finland and to keep some documents during the work and even after the posting of workers. A foreign company and the representative may agree that the representative will help the foreign company to fulfil for example these obligations.

Fiscales acts as a representative for foreign employers.

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