Our Services for Businesses

We provide services to deal with all issues related to business taxation. We help clients find a solution to a specific case of taxation; other times, we deal with more complex situations that involve the broader application of several laws simultaneously or we assist e.g. with restucturing and company law issues connected to that.

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Our Services for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

We participate in the planning for optimal taxation for a business and its owners in connection with daily business operations and crucial turning points in the life of business.

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Our Services for Private Individuals

Private individuals also run into situations requiring the assistance of an expert. To name a few examples, consider the taxation on capital income and capital gains as well as the adaption of inheritance and gift taxes or foreign income.

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International Taxation

Today, many private individuals may receive income or assets from abroad. This raises questions on which state is entitled to tax such income and assets, and how to eliminate possible double taxation.

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Our Services for Associations and Foundations

Associations and foundations increasingly need assistance with matters concerning VAT and income tax. In addition, as legislation changes, it is important to find out how it affects the operations of your association or foundation.

Fiscales and co-operation with accounting companies

The Fiscales proprietary co-operation model gives accounting agencies an opportunity to offer their clients an enhanced variety of services and expertise.

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