Our services cover consultation on and advice on tax planning for companies and business owners in everyday business as well as the turning points of business. Our aim is to find the optimum tax level for each scenario. In addition to taxation related questions, we observe matters related to company law. Private individuals can also encounter situations where the use of expert advice can lead to positive results, for example should they receive income from abroad.


Our Services for Businesses

  • Optimisation of income tax
  • Taxation overview
  • VAT in domestic, foreign and EU trade
  • International tax questions and transfer pricing
  • Applications for advance rulings
  • Tax appeals and complaints
  • Tax audit assistance
  • Group structures
  • Company law consultation
  • Shareholders’ agreements
  • Corporate Governance

Our Services for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

  • Ownership structure and business form planning for new businesses
  • Ownership arrangements and changes in company structure during operations
  • Tax optimisation for the company and business owner during the company’s lifecycle
  • Changes in business and ownership structures
  • Business succession
  • Acquisitions and value determinations
  • Transactions between the company and the business owner
  • Shareholders’ agreements

Our Services for Private Individuals

  • Tax planning and optimisation
  • Compiling tax reports
  • Taxation decision checking
  • Advance rulings and appeals
  • Gift and inheritance tax
  • International taxation
  • Asset reporting
  • Family Office services

Fiscales and co-operation with accounting companies

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