Fiscales and co-operation with accounting companies

The Fiscales proprietary co-operation model gives accounting agencies an opportunity to offer their clients an enhanced variety of services and expertise. The co-operation begins with an agreement entered into between the accounting agency and Fiscales. From then on, the accounting agency can, within the framework of the agreement, sell services provided by Fiscales under their own name. All the details that are relevant for the co-operation are outlined in the agreement: the type of expert services to be provided, communication and contacts towards the customer, and the compensation payable to the accounting agency.

Co-operation with Fiscales thus enables the accounting agency to expand their client service offering. With the help of this more extensive service portfolio enabled by Fiscales, accountants can enhance their customer commitment. Agreements can be made on case-by-case basis or for a longer duration.

The services of Fiscales are priced either per hour or at a fixed fee. Irrespective of which pricing is used, Fiscales will compensate the accounting agency with a share of the invoiced fee as a reward for the customer contacts.

The co-operation is an easy way for accountants to increase sales and enhance their customer commitment. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information about the co-operation model.

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