Tax optimisation for the company and business owner during the company’s lifecycle

Matching the taxation of the company and the business owner requires insight and competence – skill, knowledge, the experience of proven best measures, creativity and the ability to see each case from the best possible tax angle.

In companies with a restricted ownership base these perspectives merge: business result equals its owner’s income. The Finnish tax policy aims at an extensive tax base and a low tax rate. The underlying principle is to tax all income, but, as entrepreneurs hope, only once and with the lowest possible tax rate.

The aim of the policy is to minimise total tax burden. In the short term it applies to the taxation of profit for the period, division of income into capital gains and earned income, the possibility of paying wages or dividends, and profitability. In the long term the main issues are ownership and company structures, and optimum taxation, which is achieved through arrangements when business is discontinued owing to a merger, an acquisition, the succession of ownership or the dissolution of operations.

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