Tax audit assistance

Tax audits are carried out to determine if the tax regulations that are relevant to the company’s line of business are complied with. To do this, the tax auditors review the company’s books and administration. They may also inspect business premises, current assets, and machinery and equipment.

The auditors’ aim is to resolve any emerging issues during the audit as far as possible. This entails opening and closing meetings, and discussions during the audit. The taxpayer is also always given an opportunity to respond in writing to any issues that may result in further tax consequences (additional payments or tax increases).

Entrepreneurs may feel that the tax audit process is difficult and demanding, even if all the paperwork in the company is perfectly maintained. Having your own expert present during the audit can give reassurance: the expert can communicate with the auditors in their language and ensure that erroneous interpretations and false deductions are prevented and will not lead to additional payments.

Your accountant is of course an irreplaceable help in the process, but should you feel that additional resources and expertise would be useful, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts here at Fiscales are also happy to help you.

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